Crime and Mystery

The Harding-Callow Mysteries

She’s a journalist. He’s a cop. It’s a partnership that sometimes puts them at odds, but Alice and Donny wouldn’t have it any other way. Join them as they fight to get to the bottom of whatever mysteries come their way. The Harding-Callow series is available on


You Can Run: Harding Callow Mysteries Part One

Fleeing a violent stalker, Alice is starting again on the other side of the world. A new city, a new name, a new life. Maybe even a new love in her neighbour, a local detective named Donny. All Alice wants is to live in peace without looking over her shoulder every minute. But her newfound peace is shattered when she sees her stalker at the train station. Looking for her. With Alice wondering whether she’ll ever be free of her dangerous past, Donny will do anything to stop her from running again. But when they team up to catch her stalker before he catches her, will Alice make a fatal mistake?

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Second Thoughts: Harding Callow Mysteries Part Two

She’s a journalist, and he’s a cop. It’s a partnership that sometimes puts Alice and Donny at odds, but they’re learning how to make it work. When a prominent socialite is killed, Donny’s not the only one on the case. Alice is determined to get the story. She only becomes more intrigued when she learns that the victim was issued a mysterious warning by a woman claiming to be psychic. With the investigation under the spotlight Donny’s been warned not to speak to the media. Alice is determined to get the story, with or without his help. Investigating on her own, Alice is playing a dangerous game.  As Donny unravels the secrets and lies surrounding the victims life, and death, it becomes clear that there are some who would stop at nothing to keep their secrets in the dark.

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The Heart Wants: Harding Callow Mysteries Part Three
Donny and Alice are back in The Heart Wants. When a small time conman is found dead in his flat, Donny must shine a light on the man’s murky past to find the truth. The more he learns about the man’s misdeeds, the less sympathy he feels for him. But while the conman’s victims provide an over abundance of suspects, not all of them are willing to face the ugly truth. While searching for the killer, Donny strives to help the man’s victims understand what happened to them. But is he really doing them a favour?

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Detective Erika Lawson Series

Queensland’s glittering Gold Coast has a dark side. Nobody knows that better than Detective Erika Lawson. She’s called the beach city home since she was a little girl. Few people know it better, or love it more than she does. That’s why amidst the gaudy tourist spots and white sandy beaches she and her team will fight to protect it.


Exit Wounds (Erika Lawson #1)

If you lost everything, what would you take back?

Hard headed, solitary and driven to a fault, Detective Erika Lawson has been protecting the Gold coast for years. When a local woman is killed, the case seems straightforward. But as Erika digs deeper she uncovers a dangerous web of obsession with an innocent father and son at its heart. And when the killer takes them, can Erika fit the pieces together fast enough to save them?

Exit Wounds is the first installment in a compelling crime thriller series featuring Detective Erika Lawson, and set on Australia’s stunning and multifaceted Gold Coast.

Be prepared to devour this fast paced thriller in one breathtaking sitting.

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Where There’s Smoke  (Erika Lawson #2)

When fires start cropping up on the Gold Coast, it’s Detective Erika Lawson’s job to put a stop to them. Erika hunts the arsonist, piecing together the clues he’s left behind. But the more she learns, the more she realises the boy she’s looking for is not who she expected.
Meanwhile, TJ is in over his head. Weak, anxious and self loathing, his teenage frustrations have only one outlet: fire. But soon, his dangerous obsession is spiraling out of control. Can Erika catch him before he goes too far?

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One by One  (Erika Lawson #3)

They lied. Then they died.

Dedicated and driven, Detective Erika Lawson protects the streets of the Gold Coast. Every weekend hundreds flock to the bright lights and sandy shores of the Gold Coast to party. When teenage revelers begin to fall victim to a concentrated poison, Erika must figure out who had the knowledge and the opportunity to commit these bizarre murders. But what are the victims hiding that will keep Erika from solving the case? And what price will they pay for their silence?

The third installment in the Detective Erika Lawson series, One by One will keep you gripped until the very last page.

Praise for previous Erika Lawson titles:

“I enjoyed the fast pace and good story in Where There’s Smoke.” – Goodreads Reviewer

“I was intrigued wanting to go back and read the previous ones. I wouldn’t call this a mystery, but I would call it suspenseful, thriller and entertaining. Pick it up, enjoy.” – Goodreads Reviewer

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